Ticket System


ERAMON’s ticket system is already based on the processes prescribed by ITIL or eTOM, without being dogmatic about these though – i.e. the processes are entirely retraceable, but a certain flexibility accommodating the corporate processing chain is possible.

ticket system

The direct integration into the documentation administration allows an entirely paperfree operation within ERAMON; enabling a follow-the-sun concept or simply a handover of operations outside of core business hours to an external operator. The integrated e-mail robot facilitates direct communication with the customer and the automatic processing and archiving of customer or supplier replies.

The knowledge base connected at this point also enables a continuous development of a knowledge database on the basis of errors that have already occurred, which can be referred to at a later stage for similar errors.

The transparent integration into heterogeneous ticket system infrastructures (other departments might well use other ticket systems) allows the focusing of ticket work on a system without the need to immediately migrate the other systems.

Call Center Ticket

Establishing the conditions for creating a ticket

In contrast to a regular ticket, the criteria for creating a call center ticket can be defined as required via a so-called checklist. This list is there to support call center staff with helpful questions that may assist in narrowing down potential error sources from the outset, and thus help to speed up the clearance of an error by the NOC. Entry options, such as text, checkbox or selection fields, can be individually arranged on this checklist.

Further functionalities
  • Ticket generation from event messages
  • Ticket archive
  • Individual ticket assignment
  • Callcenter ticket
  • Adjustable escalation levels
  • Assignment of devices, circuits, etc.
  • Document integration
  • Collation of tickets
    Main and sub-tickets
  • Status of individual tickets
    Status with follow-on status is adjustable
  • Individual ticket priority
  • Individual ticket category
    Such as: request, bug, feature, etc.